We will provide such more Details about our Structure early. At while we show you in pictures how our Structure are.
If any question from you about our Structure do not hesitate to contact us please by our Contactform

The first Picture shows the declaration of Cantons by the Population per Nation.

The second Picture shows the administration in case of the declaration of Cantons, up by Continents down to the Nations.

The third Picture show the Members of each Canton. The Limit for all the Members are free, except the Regular Members are limited until to 150 Members per Canton.

We are honored and greatful that you will become our new Member, and will promise you, that you will be linked in a worldwide Network which mean their Target and Goals very seriously. All your power will be perfect set for any of your effort.

For your application kindly use our Membership Application Form right here, and please never forget to set your Country and Region, to locate you into the correct Canton. If you have different Locations where you can apply for, so please choose this one where you be llinked as best. As well it is important to know, for which kind of Membership you have decided, because the Regular Members are limited until 150 per Canton, so you can be set on the Waiting List or better start by an Associate Member to be already linked into a Canton.

We are honored and glad, to know you in our Circle and Network, welcome Home

Take your Chance and become a Member now ...

… to be responsible for a new Canton or the complete Strucutre of the International Association in a Country

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While the Establishment of a newly Canton, the Presidency appoints an interim proxy who remains active until the first election of a Canton Board and until the first constituent Meeting.

The authorized will be responsible to establish the new Canton or more the complete Structure in a Country to establish the International Association in the Country with Cantons.

The authorized representative can be elected to the Board if he meets the requirements of the respective canton.