Membership Variations

Membership Code Kind of Membership Limitation per Canton
OM Regular Members 150
FM Dynasty of Babenberg Members unlimited
CD Club Rex Dux Members unlimited
EM Honorary Members unlimited
JM Junior Members* unlimited
AM Associate Members unlimited

for further Information kindly view our Information at "Legal & Statutes"

Notice to * (JM / Junior Membership)

JM / Junior Members are only between the ages of 14 Years and 21 Years. If you apply up the age of 18 Years you can already be registerd in any other kind of Membership.

In case of JM / Junior Members, it is important to know, that these kind of Members are requested to have a written permisssion from the Parents or their legal Guardian, which need to be signed and uploaded with the Application Form too.

The Membership Fee for Companies and other Categories depends on each different Situation and will be calculated by negotation directly.

Important to know, is that by the Statutes the Membership fee are completly regulated so that only 15% is used for the Infrustructure of the International Association and the complete 85% will directly used for the Targets, Goals, Projects.

The amount of each currency can be adjusted by currency convertation if become higher difference.