International Association & Society of the Dynasty of Babenberg (IADB)

The International Association of the Family and Dynasty of Babenberg (short called as IADB) is an International Organization registered since 4th September 2008 in Vienna, Austria under the Central Association Register Number (ZVR) 68 66 55 369.

Originally the Association and Organization was founded in the 1950´s by the former Patriarch and Head of the Family and Dynasty Rudolph VI Ernst of Babenberg - Babenberg.

After his desicion in 1969 to close the Association because the Austrian Government wanted to be directly linked into the Archive from the Family and Dynasty of Babenberg, and since this time Rudolph VI Ernst concentrate to prepare in a huge amount of Meetings and reading International Law Informations the Decleration of Independence to the Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg.

As much as the concern of Rudolph VI Ernst was to have an Association to concentrate on philnatropic Humanity and Culture, and his written Statutes are alreday directed into the Human Rights and Humanity, so we decided to take exactly this Statutes, expand them to all our historical, past and as much actual Topics and Matters to concern and concentrate our direction for the Humans future.

So in this way, we reactivate this Association and registered it by the 4th September 2008 in Vienna, as exactly this Association and Organization.

And together with our Experience of Centuries and your Passion and Power, we will provide the Foundation for the most important Topics and Matters for us and all Humans.

Declaration of the Carls Council as internal parliamentary instrument of the
Family and Dynasty of Babenberg

The Dynasty and Family of Babenberg can be traced through documentation to 414 a.C. Even before this, it is possible to access information that dates back until 69 b.C.

The experience which has been accumulated by this Family in the course of over two thousand years shall contribute to the work of this Society, reuniting people with nature in the fields of Culture and Science.

Great skill is required in order to shape and influence such a long period (in human terms) in such a successful and global way.

For the future, it is also meant to function as an educational tool (including an archive with 10 million unique Documents and charters – these are Documents which do not exist in any other archive, not even, or especially not, at the Vatican or at any other governmental entity and which have completely disappeared from history), as well as to prepare for further progress and harmony between peoples and to declare and maintain a standard for living.

In this sense, CC

Truthful is the person who allows truthful works

subjective and objective Truth are far from redounding to truthfulness

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