Division of Cantons

For a perfect Structure and Administration of the worldwide Performance for the Targets and Goals and working Network of the International Association of the Dynasty of Babenberg, there is given an niternal Structure of Division of Cantons. So the number of Cantons prepared is determined by the respective population of the Nation, Country or International Law Subject. And how many Cantons are or can be established in this Country, it is because of how many Cantons already exist in this Nation.

In the next few weeks we will present the list of the Cantons distribution.

If you are already interested in acquiring or applying a membership in your Region or even managing the construction of a Canton yourself, then write us an Email or contact us via our Contactform.

Canton List

Country Inhabitations Canton minimum Canton awarded active inactive / free
Kasachstan 15500000 5 7 0 7
Russia 141000000 58 58 0 58
Turkey 72000000 30 30 0 30
Zyprus Greek 900000 2 2 0 2
Zyprus Turkey 300000 2 2 0 2